Sokola is the first nonprofit organization in Indonesia which focuses on education for indigenous peoples and other marginal groups in Indonesia.

Established in 2003 by five education practitioners and community facilitators, Sokola develops contextual and culturally sensitive methods and approaches in order to help Indigenous Peoples coping with changes and defending rights over their culture and habitat.


Indigenous Peoples to have self-determination and sovereignty upon their land and natural resources through the learning process


  1. Develop education programs based on Indigenous Peoples' values and problems.

  2. Conduct assessment and develop a knowledge management system to push for legitimacy over the Indigenous Peoples' rights for their lands and natural resources.

  3. Develop learning processes and campaigning for local knowledge practices.


Indigenous Peoples are not powerless or void entities. They possess a set of traditional knowledge and education system that are passed down from the elders to the younger generations. It has been proven that the Indigenous Peoples have been living sustaisdnably and sufficiently for hundreds of years by relying on that traditional knowledge.

On the other side, they recently need new knowledge to cope with changes (modernity) that are encroaching their living space.

SOKOLA develops education program to help Indigenous Peoples coping with changes, so they could live the life they prefer.